On Sustainable Environment

On Sustainable Environment



To keep the environment alive and sustainable, we must adopt a system approach that will address the continuous environmental and natural resource degradation; human population growth and the decline in annual average rainfall of percentage.

We therefore welcome the statement of the minister of Environment that the government of The Gambia has created and continues to create the enabling environment by way of sound, responsive and legislative frameworks for the protection and preservation of the environment.

When the environment is tampered; either polluted or otherwise, the repercussion is apparently negative and could lead to numerous development setbacks, alongside health implications.

Being in line with the national development blueprint strategies and sector policies, it is satisfying to that the Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) policy will indeed serve as a propellant of a direct mean for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as announced by the Environment Minister.

When a systematic decision support process is put in place to ensure that environmental and other possible sustainability are considered effectively the end result will bring the realization of an environment free from hazards and degradation.

Like stated by the Minister, the government has taken pertinent steps and measures to address several environmental issues like the Vision 2020 and other sectoral policies such as The Gambia Environment Action plan phase II, the National Environment Management Act, the Environment Impact Assessment Regulations 2014 and policy measures.

The government has and continues to maintain a strong stand in championing the cause in the protection and sustainability of environment and natural resources for the greater good of the current and future generations.

We, therefore enjoin the Environment minister and the entire Gambian people join forces in the protection and conservation of the environment so that The Gambia can continue to be clean and a global environment protection champion.