On Women Empowerment

On Women Empowerment


Women empowerment anywhere is inescapable and as a result, we in The Gambia are grateful for the fact that we were among the first few to have seen the need to adjust to the inevitable. This came about as a result of the foresight and intellect demonstrated by a thoughtful government.

Any effort meant to consolidate the gains in the empowerment of our women is indeed welcome. Therefore, news that the WAELE has disbursed loans to Gambian widows is commendable. As noted by the vice president, the interest free revolving loan of US$100 per woman will go a long way in contributing to The Gambia government’s laudable efforts to eradicate poverty and improve the socio economic status of women throughout the country.

The Jammeh administration has for more than twenty years done so much that it is increasingly becoming a daunting task to enumerate its achievements. But a number of the achievements registered are so compelling that we cannot but cite them. This is because of their significance in terms of accelerating the development process of the nation.

Efforts to empower the Gambian woman, for instance, has been a prominent feature in the development master plan of this administration, and it has been there since the early days of the revolution, with President Jammeh himself displaying a complete show of interest on the issue. In fact, the President’s continued support for the cause of women in general, and Gambian women in particular, have earned him recognition as a champion of their cause, a recognition he enjoys far beyond the borders of this country.

Among key government positions held by women, the vice president of The Gambia is a woman and she is the longest serving vice president in the world. She also doubles as the minister of Women’s Affairs, an evidence of the President’s commitment to the empowerment of the womenfolk.

Therefore, as the government’s commitment to consolidate the gains made on women empowerment is once again highlighted by the authorities, we hope the women of the country would continue to recognise this and amalgamate efforts to safeguard the common good.