On Women’s Participation in the December Polls

On Women’s Participation in the December Polls


Less than four months before Gambians go to the polls, the National Women’s Mobiliser of the ruling APRC Party this week declared the December 1 Elections as an election where Gambian women would once again reaffirm their loyalty to the leadership of the country.

As poet William Ross Wallace once wrote, “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World”. Therefore, it is everyone’s business that women are empowered so that they can lead Gambia to glory because they play an important role in initiating socio-economic progress of any country. Women play a crucial role in initiating the advancement and growth of any society, in nations across the world and The Gambia is no exception to that rule.

President Jammeh, conscious of this fact, has empowered Gambian women to an unprecedented level since the advent of the Glourious July 22n Revolution 22 years ago. In the Second Republic, Gambian women have been appointed into key decision-making positions in all spheres of national development and key among them is the vice President Madam Isatou Njie-Saidy who is today the longest serving Vice President in the world.

Our women entrepreneurs, social welfare workers, scientists, politicians and economists are leading the way for a brighter future.

Women in urban and rural Gambia are also given access to good opportunities and today they are bringing about positive social change and contributing to the growth of the country.

The President has also empowered Gambian girls by championing their cause through initiatives like the President’s Empowerment of Girls Education Project (PEGEP), the free education scheme and the recent bans on female genital mutilation and an end to early child and forced marriages.

Gambian women are very conscious of this fact and have never let the President down but as the Women Mobiliser said, the upcoming poll is an opportunity for them to renew loyalty and consolidate their support for the President.