Over US$61M Laminkoto-PassImas Road Construction Agreement Signed

Over US$61M Laminkoto-PassImas Road Construction Agreement Signed




The government of The Gambia has signed a contract with Arezki Company at the tune of  US$61, 942663 million to kick start the construction of the much-talked about Laminkoto-Passimas road.

Signed yesterday at State House in Banjul, the occasion was presided over by the President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa. Also present were cabinet ministers, governors of Central and Upper River Regions as well as senior staff of both the contracting company Arezki and officials from the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure and the National Roads Authority.

The construction work is expected to last for 36 months with the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure as the contracting authority and the National Roads Authority as implementing agency for the government.

The construction works on this crucial road measuring 122 kilomerters from Laminkoto to Passimas, which is located in the northern-east region of the Gambia will constitute a part of the northern transportation link of the country, which starts from the capital, Banjul eastward to the borders of Senegal near the town of Passimas.

The works on this particular road according to the contract agreement also consists of the upgrading of the road to a full pavement of a length of about 122 kilometers, 7 meters width of carriageway (with addition bus stops inside the towns) and 1.5 meters shoulder from both sides, as well as improvement of the horizontal and vertical design criteria of the road alignment to suit a design speed of 60-100km/hr.

The funding agencies include BADEA, Kuwaiti Fund, OFID, Saudi Fund, Abu-Dhabi and the government of the Gambia.

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by Musa Ndow