Paco Winner Releases New Song



One of Gambia’s emerging rappers, a hip-pop star, who started his music career early 2009, has released another hit song called ‘WhatsApp’ featuring Smart Breezy.

Born Pa Modou Sarr, the rising star is a force to be reckoned with as far as promoting his music is concerned. The song which has gone viral on social media since its release, was well received by his fans in the country.

In an interview with What’s On, Paco Winner observed that at the moment the type of songs many people listen to is ‘Rap Mballax’, which is enjoyed and appreciated by many in the country.

“I choose to sing a song about ‘WhatSapp’ because of the aroma of this application in our society today. This device is basically important and so far it’s the best means of communication by both old and young in the country most especially among the youths of this generation,” he added.

The song, according to him, is not only meant to entertain, but to educate as well.

With numerous projects in the offing, the young star promised his fans to always expect the best as far as his music is concerned.

“I have faced so many difficulties as an artiste, but what makes us move forward is the determination and our love for music” he concluded.

by Awa Gassama


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