PAG Graduates 28

PAG Graduates 28




Peace Ambassador-The Gambia (PAG) recently held its 13th graduation ceremony for 28 students, who have undergone six-month intensive recruitment training. The training exposed participants to leadership and in-house skills development training among others. The graduation ceremony was held at The Gambia College hall in Brikama.

PAG was founded in 2001 to inculcate peace and positive atitudues in the minds of the young people.

Speaking at the event, Aminata Manneh, who spoke on behalf of the faculty of Peace Ambassadors-The Gambia, said the faculty is the body responsible for all the trainings of the organisation.

According to her, the type of training that PAG Faculty provides for young people are recruitment, leadership, ambassadors peer peace motivators, coordinators, kanda and International Youth Summer School.

“For one to become a faculty member you must be a full fledge member of PAG, who has fulfilled all the trainings to become a member. After the completion of the training, you must identify a topic that you will research on and present to the faculty for approval.”

Abubacarr Jallow, the principal of Gambia College, underscored the crucial role of peace in the development of any nation.

Jallow reminded the gathering that every 21 September is declared International Day of the Peace.  “If the society is hungry and homeless then that society is not in peace. Each of us should try and build peace and a world of justice and in order to build a world of justice, we have to ensure that we don’t discriminate people based on tribalism. As youth we must work towards peace, come together and share ideas as the Gambia belongs to all of us.” he said.

Babucarr Sambou, President of Peace Ambassador-The Gambia, described the day as important in the sense that the students have undergone six-month module training in recruitment and attitude among others.

“We also have clubs in the schools in with we train school going children about peace so that they will be responsible when they grow up.” he added.

Sambou stated that they also organised the National Youth Leadership training and International Youth Summer Camps, where they invites young people from The Gambia and other countries, to discuss issues affecting them and to map out strategies.

“The peace we are enjoying in The Gambia is the same peace we want in other parts of Africa.” he added.

Anthony Correa, chairperson of APPM Clubs at The Gambia College, disclosed that the club was established last year with the objectives to add value in the minds of the students.

by Fatoumatta K Saidykhan