PAG Observes International Peace Day



Peace Ambassadors-The Gambia recently joined the rest of the world to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

The day is observed annually worldwide with a call for people to focus more on commonalities and work together in making the world a better place to live.

In a press release sent to the Daily Observer, the President of Peace Ambassadors-The Gambia, Baboucarr Sambou, urged people to  make effort to give peace a chance.

He posited that people might have lots of differences as humans, but “we equally have lots of things in common. Therefore, we should be more focused on our commonalities and work together in making the world a better place for human survival. That needs the commitment of all”.

Sambou quoted the world renowned Pakistani teenager Malala Yousuf, who says that “The so called world super powers are too strong to start a war, but are too weak to bring about peace.”

“The world today is witnessing too many wars and too much bloodshed that is so worrying. It seems as if nothing can be done about it. But, something can definitely be done about it. I call on the world leaders to join hands as one force to stop the current wars that are destroying lives and properties immediately because they can do it if they really want to,” he added.

Sambou thus called on all Gambians particularly the youth to jealously guard the peace in the country.

“As we head towards elections which are coming soon, I want to advise you all not to allow yourselves to be fooled by anyone to create trouble. Some might try to instill violence in you, some might try to separate you, and some might try to fool you, but let us try to be ourselves all the time,” he added.

To this end, he prayed for peace and stability in the country.

by Fatoumatta Saidykhan


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