PPP Entangled in Civil Suit

PPP Entangled in Civil Suit



A civil suit has been instituted against the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court.

The civil suit was brought by one Mary Worland Jatta against one Sheikh Tijan Cham of the PPP party.

Explaining his ruling to include the PPP as a party in the civil suit, Magistrate Njie said the evidences before the court had revealed that the reason why the defendant, Sheikh Tijan Cham rented the chairs, which is the subject matter of the suit, was to hold a political rally organised by PPP.

He therefore adduced that from henceforth the PPP as a party would be added as second defendant and the case would now be referred as Mary Worland Jatta versus Sheikh Tijan Cham and PPP.

The plaintiff, Mary Worland Jatta, is claiming that Sheikh Tijan Cham and the People’s Progressive Party rented 30 dozens of plastic chairs from him but one dozen and four chairs got missing. She claimed that one chair costs D2000 and the sixteen chairs amounted to D32, 000.

According to her, she made several demands on the defendants to get back the missing chairs but to no avail.

After the magistrate included PPP in the civil suit, he adjourned the case to 30th August 2016 for continuation.

by Modou Kanteh