President Announces Free Water, Electricity for Kabada, Jarra Central

President Announces Free Water, Electricity for Kabada, Jarra Central

Continuing his dialogue with the people tour amidst rousing welcomes in all the regions visited so far, President Jammeh has reaffirmed his government’s resolve to transform Jarra Central and Kabada into an envy of all. Here the President disclosed several development plans for the people of Jarra Central.

Addressing a mass political rally in Jappineh late Sunday evening, President Jammeh said he will provide electricity for the people of Kabada and Jarra Central, build a senior secondary in Jappineh and a major health centre where surgeries can be conducted. He summed up by assuring the people of Jarra Central and Kabada that he will also build the road connecting Jappineh and Sasida in Kabada within the Jarra Central District.

president-announcesJarra Central, Kabada and Jappineh has been a stronghold of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) since the time of transition to date. President Jammeh praised the people of Jarra Central for their ecstatic welcome and continuous loyalty and unshakable support to the APRC.

Speaking earlier, the minister of Basic and Secondary Education, Dr. Fatou lamin Faye disclosed government’s plans to build a senior secondary school in Jappineh that will accommodate primary school leavers to go to high school within their district without having to move to Mansakonko or elsewhere.

Balla Garba Jahumpa the minister of Works and Transport listed a number of villages that are already enjoying electricity in Jarra namely; Sey Kunda, Jenoi, Yelli-Tenda and Bamba Tenda. He said work has also begun to electrify these additional villages in LRR, namely Jappineh, Jalanbery, Sitahuma all in Jarra Central. According to him, all these were possible because of President Jammeh and as a result of their unflinching support to the APRC. He also promised them that Buiba would be added to those villages that will have electricity.

Speaker after speaker at the meeting, including the alkalo of Jappineh and the chief of Jarra Central, all assured their unflinching support to President Jammeh and the APRC party.

Aja Mansata Kebbeh, constituency women mobiliser; Kebba Sallah, constituency youth mobiliser; and Bahoum Jallow, APRC constituency chairman all praised President Jammeh for the numerous development initiatives his party and government brought to the people of The Gambia. They also expressed gratitude to a man they referred to as a champion of peace and development for sponsoring the trip of an unprecedented number of people to perform the fifth pillar of Islam, the hajj.

by Musa Ndow & Alieu Ceessay