President Grateful to Allah for Fulfilling Promises

President Grateful to Allah for Fulfilling Promises




The president of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia and leader of the ruling APRC party has expressed gratitude and thank the Almighty Allah for making it possible for him to fulfill on the promises he made to Gambians.

president-greatful-2His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa was speaking at a meeting in Mamut Fana last Thursday, where the people commended him for fulfilling all the promises he made to them.

President Jammeh stressed that he depends on nobody else but the Almighty Allah for everything. He promised to always lead Gambians in the best possible ways as dictated and loved by the creator (Almighty Allah).

He told the cheering crowd that he places his entire hope in Allah and what he does is in the interest of Gambians and what pleases God. “If you hate me I leave you with Allah. I work for the people from the bottom of my heart and I leave the bad people with Allah and let us watch and see,” the God-fearing and devoted Muslim President said.

To the women of CRR, President Jammeh who earned international recognition for championing the advancement and empowerment of women praised the women of CRR for being God-fearing people and pious Muslims. He prayed for Allah to abundantly reward them and remind the crowd of the hereafter, hence the need for people to repent and seek for Allah’s forgiveness.

He promised to continue empowering Gambia women, while reminding the people that his power [as President] is in the hands of Allah. He said nothing can remove him from power except Allah.

During the well-attended Mamut Fana meeting, a group dubbed, “Taku Ligueye” from Kaur Touray Kunda and Kaur Wharf Town adopted President Jammeh as their “Father” and pledged their loyalty and support to him.

by Alieu Ceesay & Musa Ndow on Tour