President Hailed for Construction of Laminkoto-Passimas Road

President Hailed for Construction of Laminkoto-Passimas Road




APRC ‘gorilla’ Pa Musa Sanyang has hailed President Jammeh for the construction of the Laminkoto-Passamasi road, in Sami District, CRR north.

He was speaking in a recent interview with this reporter at Kuntaur, in Niani District. He said the construction of the 122km stretch began few months ago and the construction team has established their camp around Sami Omar Jula.

Sanyang noted that constructing good roads, provision of clean drinking water, health facilities, schools, and expansion of the rural electrification project are the halmarks of the leadership of the great July 22nd Revolution.

He posited that road infrastructure plays a critical role in the socioeconomic development of any country and that if completed the Laminkoto-Passimas road would improve the lives and livelihood of the people in the eastern part of The Gambia.

He stated that since July 22nd 1994, there have been many development strides registered by the Jammeh administration in the area.

Mr. Sanyang, therefore, called on the Gambian people to rally behind President Jammeh and the APRC party to allow him to continue his good work. He spoke at length on the President’s youth empowerment efforts in which he equiped them with leadership skills through the establishment of skills training institutions to enable them to become productive citizens.

The ward councillor of Njau, Amie Channeh-Ceesay highlighted the importance of good roads, saying it reduces the distance between people, markets, and services. She noted that before the July 22nd Revolution, CRR north was not accessible due to the poor condition of its road. She implored on the people of the area to strengthen their support for President Jammeh and the APRC party, affirming that President Jammeh has the development of the country at heart.

“The July 22nd Revolution has brought many developments for Gambian people and we should not listen to the opposition because all what they are saying is verbose,” she stated.

by Lamin SM Jawo in CRR