President Jammeh: I will Never Betray Gambians

President Jammeh: I will Never Betray Gambians




The President, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa has vowed never to betray Gambians

He was speaking at a meeting in Busumbala in Kombo North District and Buffer Zone in Tallinding attended by thousands of APRC supporters including young and old, men and women. The President said the whole noise is just until 2nd December when the country will undergo what he calls “National Determination Day” to determine between people who want progress from those who want retrogression.

While vowing to work for the entire Gambians for the sake of Allah, Professor Jammeh said in the not too distance future, Gambians won’t have anything to request from him as all their challenges and constraints would have been put to history. “I am not talking politics because I swear to the Holy Quran.”

At the Busumbala meeting, the Gambian leader said the country has witnessed the fastest development that the 31 years of Jawara rule and 400 years of British misrule could not offer Gambians. For far too long, the President said he has been telling Gambians that a day will come when the West will be running to this country to look for job. He told the meeting that he is now capable of developing the country more than he did for 22 years in just two years as he gets what it requires.

“There is time for everything and the moment is here for all to see soon. Gambians, all I ask for from you is patience. I am not a politician and I will not tell you what I cannot do. I am not on election campaign,” he told the cheering crowd.

He revealed to the meeting that he never wanted to be a politician and he is still not a politician but a servant of God who is brought by Allah to work for Gambians.

According to him, there is no government in the world that has done for its citizens like his government, saying it is only in The Gambia where a child of the poorest can attain university education unlike before 1994 when higher education was only for the privilege.

i-will-never-betrayThe President also informed the meeting that his presidency and power are in the hands of Allah and only Allah can take it from him. “My votes are with Allah and Allah has already decided what will happen on Election Day.”

To the school children, he advised them to worship only Allah and respect their parents to get Allah’s blessings. Out of his love for the school children, President Jammeh donated D500, 000 to the schools that were at the meeting.

Speaking earlier, Balla Garba Jahumpa, the APRC campaign manager revealed that 11 communities including Busumbala will benefit from the Electricity Expansion Project in 2017. He reminded the crowd that President Jammeh has and continue to greatly improve the lives and livelihood of the people of Kombo North and West Coast Region by extension.

Politics, he told the meeting, is not about tribe but who can develop the country. He therefore, urged people to go out and cast their votes into the green ballot boxes.

Sheriffo Bojang, deputy minister of Agriculture said people should keep their voters cards safe for Thursday’s Election. “Locate your voters’ cards and keep them safe and go early to vote for APRC.”

The alkalo of Busumbala, Bolong Wudeh Jatta said the people of Busumbala were elated and proud to have the President in their community. “President Jammeh is a man of Busumbala because he has provided us with water, electricity and a market. We are not going to betray the President in the coming polls because he has not betrayed us,” he said, urging his people to vote for the ruling party.

Landing Conteh, constituency chairman urged the people to go out in numbers on Election Day to vote for APRC. He said the huge turnout at the meeting was a clear indication of the increase love Gambians have for the President and the APRC party.

He described the opposition as people who do not want anything good for the country by condemning all the good things done by President Jammeh. “We will die supporting President Jammeh and we will never betray him.”

Yama Ceesay, women mobiliser reaffirmed their support and loyalty to the President in the build up to the election. According to her, President Jammeh has empowered the Gambian women like nowhere in the world. “We will go out in thousands to vote for APRC party next Thursday,” she told the meeting.

Faye Drammeh who has spent 16 years supporting the opposition Party UDP  before joining the ruling party urged Gambians to treasure the leader put in place by Allah for Gambians. He said the President has fulfilled his promises to the people of Busumbala, citing that he was the first (while supporting opposition) to be admitted at the Busumbala Health Centre constructed by the Jammeh administration.

“There are no genuine opposition in this country but people who hate the country,” he told the crowd, while reminding the opposition that the good roads they are using to do their campaign are constructed by the same person they are challenging.

Pa Lamin Jatta, National Assembly member for Kombo North said all will be clear on  December 1st when the people of Kombo North shall vote overwhelmingly for the progressive and peaceful party leader.

According to him, Gambians are more enlightened and therefore, no one can deceive them with false and unfounded information meant to mislead Gambians. He urged his people to take time when voting and vote for the green boxes with President’s picture on it.

Ebrima Solo Marreh, APRC regional chairman for WCR and Alhaji Bolong Kaddy Jatta, adviser to Busumbala VDC, both predicted a landslide victory for President Jammeh.

by Alieu Ceesay & Musa Ndow