President Jammeh Largesse CRR Flood Victims

President Jammeh Largesse CRR Flood Victims




In yet another show of generosity, the President, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa, has come to the aid of the Jahally Pacharr flood victims with the donation of bags of rice.

The donated rice was handed to the beneficiaries in a ceremony held at the Jahally Pacharr rice fields in the Lower Fulladu West District, Central River Region South. The distribution ceremony was presided over by the Vision 2016 Farm Manager Major Seedy Baldeh, the Regional Agricultural Director Ousman Kolly and the District Chief Momodou Lamin Baldeh.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Major Baldeh said the heavy downpour of July have caused some damages to the rice fields which were submerged. He pointed out that the floods have caused damages to the rice fields belonging to women who are always supporting President Jammeh in the attainment of Vision 2016 food self sufficiency, thus the President’s decision to come to their aid.

Major Baldeh spoke at length on the importance of farming, saying it is the only way forward in eradicating the global food crisis. He urged the women to strengthen their unflinching support behind President Jammeh.

Ousman Kolly for his part disclosed that the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Vision 2016 management has come up with intervention measures to solve the problem of floods at Jahally Pacharr rice fields.

He added that the Ministry also came up with intervention measures to recede water to the river. “The canal was cleaned and [we] added some culverts to recede the water to the river to a level that farmers have access to continue harvesting their rice,” he noted.

He posited that the flood has caused some problems to the rice as the rice fields were submerged and some eroded to the river as well as causing very poor quality. He commended President Jammeh for his support to those who were affected by the flood.

The District Chief Momodou Lamin Baldeh spoke extensively on the importance of the donation, noting that it will immensely help the flood victims in supplementing their feeding. He further applauded President Jammeh for his magnanimity and egalitarianism. He hailed the Ministry of Agriculture for their early intervention which has helped greatly, saying without the early intervention the flood would have caused some serious problems.

by Lamin SM Jawo in CRR