President Jammeh Preaches Peaceful Campaign, Election

President Jammeh Preaches Peaceful Campaign, Election

The President, party chairman and founder of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) Party, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa has preached for a peaceful campaign and election as the country prepares for the December 1st Presidential Election.

campaign-1President Jammeh made this remark while speaking at a highly-attended meeting in Essau on Monday evening as he embarks on his nationwide tour to meet and interact with Gambians.

He is accompanied on the tour by the speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Abdoulie Bojang, cabinet ministers, National Assembly Members, APRC supporters and bigwigs.

President Jammeh thanked the people of North Bank Region for the rousing welcome but according to him, he was not surprise by the welcome.

“I am not going to campaign because for 22 years if you [Gambians] don’t know what is good for you then is up to you,” he told a cheering crowd of supporters whilst condemning tribalism as ungodly.

He added that he does not want tribalism and violence in the upcoming election, saying people have the right to vote for whoever they wish.

President Jammeh urged Gambians to return to Allah and be caring and love one another as Gambians.

He reaffirms his trust in Allah on whom his (President Jammeh) election victory lies, noting that nothing will destabilize the peace and stability that the country is known for. He used the meeting to strongly condemn campaigns of violence. “No one has the right to intimidate anyone.”

The President also called on Gambians to do away with violence and follow the due processes of the law and not to take the law into their own hands.

“I put my everything in Allah and the votes for my victory is with Allah. Let’s worship Allah and follow his preaching. Let’s know that there is something more important that election and that is to do what is right,” President Jammeh told the meeting.

According to him, the time has come for the country to reach the economic Super power status, free university education and many unprecedented developments.

“We [APRC] campaign for peace and stability but not violence. Tribalism is ungodly especially to you [young ones] because it will take you backward. I will not compromise the country’s peace and security irrespective of who is involve. My party [APRC] has been campaigning peaceful. He equally thanked students for their support to him. He also commended the women of the country for their undivided support and loyalty.

campaign-2He pledged that by 2019, the Colleges of the University will be establish in all the regions in the country. “I want the best for you but we need to maintain peace and order.”

Speaking earlier on, Balla Garba Jahumpa, APRC Campaign Manager and also Minister of Works and Transport highlighted the numerous developments brought to NBR by the Jammeh administration. From schools, roads, health facilities and bridges, Action Man as he is called said President Jammeh is a leader brought by God to develop the country. He therefore calls on the people of NBR to vote massively for APRC.

Governor Lamin Quin Jammeh of NBR reaffirmed his region’s unwavering loyalty and support to APRC and President Jammeh. He promised that they will vote overwhelming for the ruling party. He thank President Jammeh for all the developments ushered by his administration.

Alieu K Jammeh, Minister of Youth and Sports who is also the APRC liaison officer for NBR thanked the people of NBR for impressive welcome accorded to the presidential entourage. He said he is looking forward to a landslide victory.

Chief Alhaji Fabakary Nana Sonko, National Assembly Member Misba Hydara, Youth representative Alhagie K Saho and women representative Aji Gass Lowe, all promise a historic victory for the APRC when Gambians go the polls on  December 1st.

From the Essau meeting, the Presidential delegation drove to Farafenni for a meeting and night stop.

Arrival in Barra

As usual, thousands of people including students, cultural groups, APRC party militants and ‘Yai compins’ in the region lined up to welcome a leader whose presence in their midst they had always cherished. The governor of the NBR, Lamin Quin Jammeh, traditional rulers and National Assembly members amongst others led the welcoming.


Prior to the arrival of the presidential delegation, hundreds of Muslims, mostly elders, gathered at the ferry terminal to recite the Holy Qur’an. This move, according to the elders of the region, is a tradition, meant to invoke Almighty Allah’s blessings for the Gambian leader and members of his entourage.



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