President Suspends Sanyang, Sinchu Meetings to Mourn Castro

President Suspends Sanyang, Sinchu Meetings to Mourn Castro




The President and leader of the ruling APRC party on Saturday suspended his appearance at two meetings in Sanyang and Sinchu Alhagie to mourn the demise of former Cuban President, Fidel Castro who was a true friend of the country.

Speaking at the two meetings, Balla Garba Jahumpa, the APRC campaign manager informed the gatherings that President Jammeh had sent his apology for not making it to the meetings.

Jahumpa said the demise of Fidel Castro is a great loss not only to Cuba, but Gambia as well. According to him, the Cuban government stood by The Gambia during the dawn of the Revolution when many western countries isolated us.

He said 400 Gambian students had since studied in Cuba, noting that some are back home serving in different sectors of national development. Cuba, he told the meetings, helped in the establishment of the School of Medicine at the University of The Gambia. “Cuba has also rendered support to the agricultural sector,” the outspoken Action Man told the crowd and prayed for the late Cuban President’s soul to rest in peace.

Speaker after speaker at both meetings paid tribute to the departed Cuban President and extended condolence to President Jammeh on the demise of his true friend and brother. The meetings also accorded a minute of prayer for the late Cuban President.


by Alieu Ceesay &

 Musa Ndow