Prosecution Cross-Examines Suspected Drug Peddler

Prosecution Cross-Examines Suspected Drug Peddler




Ensa Jawo, an accused person who is facing a count of suspected drug possession was Wednesday cross-examined by the police prosecutor before Magistrate Manlafi Jarjue at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court.

Jawo is alleged to have been found in possession of 2kg and 740g of Cannabis sativa; a prohibited drug on or about 27th April, 2015 at Bijilo.

During Cross Examination, Jawo told the court that he was not the only person present at the compound when the drug officers discovered the alleged Canabis, saying there were his children and wife too.

When asked if he knows any of the officers who arrested him, Jawo responded in the negative and maintained that he do not even know that their arrest was based on an information they received.

The prosecutor put it to Jawo that when the two officers introduced themselves to him, he ran to the back of his door and threw the suspected cannabis there but Jawo denied the claim, saying the officer had found him sleeping.

The prosecutor also put it to Jawo that everything that he said before the court was not true because he had admitted at the police station that the suspected Cannabis was given to him by one Bob but Jawo denied saying that.

by Amie Susso & Awa Gassama