Prosecution Says It May Charge Witness for Lying in Court

Prosecution Says It May Charge Witness for Lying in Court

A drug prosecuting officer NCO1 Jawla in the drug trial against Ousman Bojang and Ebrima Badjie, last Thursday told the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court presided over by Magistrate Blessed that he wants to advice himself whether to proceed with his 9th witness or to file a charge against him for not speaking the truth in court.COURT


Alasan Jarju, a 20-year-old man who is the 9th prosecution witness in the conspiracy and possession of prohibited drug trial involving the accused persons responded negative to the prosecuting officer’s questions.

According to the prosecutor, the said witness masterminded the transactions of the accused persons and his name was mentioned by all the previous witnesses. He further urged the court to regard the witness as a hostile witness. This application was granted by the court.

After being sworn on the Holly Quran, the witness  disclosed his name as Alasan Jarju of Brufut and told the court that nothing has transpired between him and the accused persons. He added that he did not make any statement at the police station with regards to the case.

However, the statement sought to be tendered by the prosecution contained the same name address and occupation with the witness. The statement after it was read and interpreted in Mandinka for the understanding of the witness, he distance himself from the statement saying that the wordings are not his statement.

The prosecuting officer later told the court that he has no further question for the witness but will advice himself as to whether to continue with him or file charges against the witness for not speaking the truth.

Hearing continues on the 16 November.

by Meita Touray