PW3 Testifies in Reckless, Negligence Case

PW3 Testifies in Reckless, Negligence Case

One Adama M Njie, a mechanic and resident of Bijilo on Wednesday testified as the third prosecution witness in the ongoing criminal trial against Frederic Winton before Magistrate Pa Modou Njie of the Bundung Magistrates’ Court.

In his testimony, PW3 told the court that he does not know the complainant Alhagie Njie but he once saw him when he was coming from Brusubi Turntable towards Bijilo on a bicycle, adding that he and the accused had worked together for 4 months.

PW3 revealed that they was sitting at his work place when he saw the complainant riding a bicycle towards them and when he ride pass he heard a dog barking and continuously following the complainant.

He further explained that when the complainant was trying to stop the dog by kicking him with his leg he lost balance and felt off the bicycle and was screaming that his leg is broken so he (PW3) ran to offer him help with some other men.

“My own brother helped the complainant to take a taxi to take him to the hospital, the dog never bites the complainant and in fact we never knew what actually was wrong with his leg” he narrated.

He added that he have been seeing the dog around but does not know where the dog is actually from and who owns it but he knew the dog to be a very playful one.

The witness said that he had never seen the dog anywhere around the accused person for the 4 months they worked together.

A picture of the dog was shown to him and he recognized and it was tendered and marked as an exhibit.

The accused person is charged with reckless and negligent and he is alleged to have not taken precaution against a dangerous dog causing a fracture on the leg of one Alagie Njie in Bijilo.

The case continues on the 28th November 2016.

By Awa Gassama