Rebellion Waxing Stronger Hitting big dancehall gigs across Europe

Rebellion Waxing Stronger Hitting big dancehall gigs across Europe



Gambian reggae sensation, Rebellion The Recaller is showing no sign of slowing down as he continues thrilling dancehall scenes across Europe attending huge dancehall concerts and releasing internationally acclaimed hit songs.

Born Ba Foday Drammeh, he started his musical journey from the streets of Brikama to reach stardom since the release of his debut album ‘Departing from these Days’ in 1999.  Since then three more albums have been added to his name with “Movin On’ and ‘In this time” albums breaking reggae records across Europe to the world.  Rebellion was among the first Gambian reggae artistes to fly the Gambian flag in the world reggae music arena after featuring consequently in the internationally acclaimed annual Reggae Jam fiesta.

With his recent concert in Malta on the 23rd of July 2016 and Gambia return slated for October this year with featured German artiste, Ucee, Rebellion is known across the world reggae arena as a singer whose powerful voice combines astonishingly versatile melodies with the rhythms of profound lyrics into a unique style.

His singing style and power of lyrics represents a unique talent. He uses a heavy rap flow mixed with dancehall, reggae and his sweet voice full of emotion. Rebellion has emerged from a high quality work combining music research and street experiences. He also gets a strong spiritual, mystical and emotional sight. His music inspired peoples along his way.

In a recent interview with What’s On, from his base in England, Rebellion intimated that his aim since he started music is to break down barrier of race and religion for a better future for all that dwell on planet earth through his lyrics.

Commenting on Gambian music scene, the international star noted that the industry is booming and there are lots of young talents who need to be inspired and encouraged.

He however decried the lack of orientation in Gambian music and called on artistes and producers to double up and inject some educative direction into Gambian music.

Lamin Dahaba alias Rock Base, is his manager and grew up together with Rebellion on the streets of Brikama.

For him, the Inspired Ones, a music movement in Brikama, is growing bigger and better each passing day, working tirelessly across the world to spread the message of divine unity, compassion and peace to all humanity.

Rock Base indicated that bigger projects are in the offing and a mega family reunion awaits Gambians come this October tour as Rebellion is ready for his fans in the country.

The renowned promoter noted that Gambians should take notice from the artiste, who is striving to play his role in spreading the message of unity across Africa and the world at large.