Reinstated Kiang West Chief Sworn-in

Reinstated Kiang West Chief Sworn-in




The Minister of Lands and Regional Governments, Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi, on Friday presided over the flag hoisting and swearing-in ceremony of the newly reinstated Chief of Kiang West District in the Lower River Region.

Chief Alhaji Momodou Njie took his oath at a ceremony held in his home village of Kiang Tankular. The event was attended by civil servants, security personnel, district chiefs, green youths and a cross-section of the community.

Minister Nyassi saluted the Gambian leader for his love and generosity for Gambians and went on to describe him as a statesman who has and continues to uplift the status of Gambians.

“The achievements and successes registered by the APRC-led Government is unprecedented and if Gambians want more sustainable developmental programmes and projects to continue to come their way the APRC has more to offer. I seize the opportunity today to encourage elders to come in and  explain for youths to understand the status quo of the country before 1994 and now under the leadership of President Jammeh,” he told the gathering .

Minister Nyassi went on to call on the people especially the electorate in the Region to support and rally behind the APRC Government and make sure that they turn out  at the polls to vote massively for President Jammeh in the upcoming Presidential Election slated for December 1.

He also congratulated the newly reinstated Chief and tasked him to work towards the unification of the people in his district.

The Local Government Minister went further to encourage the communities of Kiang West to work with their chief for the progress of the community.

Salifu Puye, the Governor of the Region, in his remarks commended the Gambian leader for his sustainable development programmes in The Gambia. He challenged the people of his region to cast their votes for the ruling APRC to ensure continued development.

Governor Puye, who went on to task the people of Kiang West to work in unison and support their chief, assured Alhaji Momodou Njie that the Office of the Governor would always be open to him.

Alhaji Momodou Njie, Chief of Kiang West, saluted President Jammeh for reinstating him and assured that he will unite the communities in his district. He also called on his people to rally behind the APRC party and cast their votes for President Jammeh in the upcoming presidential election.

“I am in for President Jammeh; are you the people of Kiang West in for the President”” he asked rhetorically, amid loud cheers by the crowd, prompting the Chief to assure victory for the President in the December poll.

Alhaji Yaya Jarjusey, the Chief of Jarra West, in his remarks said Gambians owe gratitude to President Jammeh and stressed that the best way of returning that gratitude is to vote massively for him in the election. He congratulated Chief Njie on his reinstatement and urged him to work and unite his district.

Menieta Njie, the National Assembly member for Kiang West Constituency expressed similar sentiments and called on the people of Kiang West to vote massively for the APRC Party so as to enable them to continue to benefit from projects like the   Kiang West road rehabilitation.

by Salifu M. Touray in LRR