Religious Leaders Call for Continued Prayers

Religious Leaders Call for Continued Prayers




The Imam Ratib of Sukuta, Alhaji Ismaila Baye and the Khaliph General of Pirang, Alhaji Seedy Muhtarr Gassama, have called on Gambians to maintain their God fearing attitude and pray for the country’s continued peace and prosperity at all times.

Speaking at the annual Sukuta Quranic recitation recently, the two erudite scholars appealed to Imams and religious leaders in the entire country to recite the Holy Qur’an at their mosques to pray for the country’s everlasting peace. The Quranic recitation was led by the Pirang Kaliph General.

Imam Baye said The Gambia is a country that is well loved by Allah, saying the people are peace loving and have sympathy for each other. “For us to continue enjoying the peace and stability, we must equally continue to thank Allah for granting us that blessing,” he said.

He commended Gambians for being Allah fearing and staunch believers, appealing to the people of the country to continue showing love to one another at all times.

Kaliph General Gassama said from the onset, Gambia have been a peaceful country with its people harmoniously living together; both Muslims and Christians.

According to him, Gambians believe in only Allah to continue maintaining the peace and stability in the country, saying if Muslims continue to recite the Holy Qur’an for the continued peace of the country, Allah will always maintain the peace.

by Amadou Jallow