Rising Stars Africa Auditions Slated


Bangz Entertainment in partnership with The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) will host auditions for the much anticipated reality TV show dubbed, ‘Rising Stars Africa Gambia Chapter’. The show is geared towards discovering and promoting amateur local talents of any type, by providing them a platform to showcase their hiding talents.

In an interview with What’s On, Mariam Bangura, CEO of Bangz Entertainment, said the events will be held at Kairaba Beach Hotel, on 3rd, 10th, 17th and 18th September 2016 before going into the  eliminations which will be on the 8th and 22nd October; then to the finals on 5th and 19th November.

“We have our technical production and the coordinating team are all on standby as well as the securities for the auditions”.

She said they are expecting over five hundred contestants from different categories; namely singers, dancers, comedians and many other types of talents, adding that they are not limited to anything.

Bangura said one of her challenges is lack of publicity. “I need publicity for the event. Although, we have some sponsors but still we need more to cover the cost, because the event is very expensive”.


The theme for the event is ‘Modern Culture to Inspire Innovation Especially in an African Setting’. The proposed duration of the show, will be 14 weeks. Participants will be auditioned by a panel of judges and several stages of elimination will be aired on TV for viewers to vote for their favorite contestants. The final will be done in prestigious auditorium in front of a live audience where a winner will emerge and go home with a grand prize of D100, 000 and the winner will be part of panel of judges in the next edition.

by Omar Wally


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