Rising Stars Africa Stages 1st Audition

Rising Stars Africa Stages 1st Audition

The 1st audition of Rising Stars Africa, a reality TV show, geared towards discovering and promoting armature local talents or acts of any type, by providing a platform for contestants to showcase their talents, was recently held at Senegambia.

Jointly organised by Bangz Entertainment and the State broadcaster  GRTS, the 1st audition will be followed by similar ones on 10th, 17th and 18th September 2016 before going to the  elimination stage which will be on the 8th and 22nd October, then to the final on 5th and 19th November.

The theme of the event is ‘Modern Culture to Inspire Innovation Especially in an African Setting’ and the proposed duration of the show will be 14 weeks.

Participants will be auditioned by a panel of judges and several stages of elimination will be aired on TV for viewers to vote for their favorite contestants. The final will be done in prestigious auditorium in front of a live audience where a winner will emerge and go home with a grand prize of D100, 000 and the winner will be part of panel of judges in the next edition.

The CEO of Bangz Entertainment and  brain behind the show, Mariam Bangura, said most African countries got lot of talents and she is of the belief that Africans can do what others are doing around the world.

Bangura stated: “I traveled to United Kingdom and United States and saw lots of idols that motivated me to come with this initiative.

She thanked the President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia for providing youths the platform to show case their talents.

Accordintg to her, the event will be yearly and we will have 2017 version of it, ‘Gambia Got lot of Talents’ and that has been manifested during the 1st audition of the show.

“Although, is a lot of hard work but I have been working on it for three months and is going to be a success,” she assured.

Xmyles, one of the adjudicators of the auditions, said anybody can sign up for audition which is giving contestants the platform to express themselves but that judges decide who is in or out of the contest. “Each judge has his or her personal discretion and for me, I want to see something that blows me up.”

by Omar Wally