Sam Sarr Urges Caution against ‘Hard-line’ Diaspora Gambians

Sam Sarr Urges Caution against ‘Hard-line’ Diaspora Gambians



Samsudeen Sarr, The Gambia’s Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations, has urged independent presidential candidate Dr. Isatou Touray to be wary of Gambian dissidents in America and their agenda. He said their intentions are to see The Gambia in tatters.

Mr. Sarr’s comments came following Dr. Touray’s visit to the United States of America at the invitation of the Gambian dissidents. ‘’Of course, I believe you were coerced into this risky political escapade when you came to the United State of America a couple of months ago on the invitation of a so-called human rights organisation, composed of mainly hard-line Gambian dissidents wishing nothing virtuous to The Gambia. You should have been wary of such invitation when you realised that it had nothing to do with your course concerning women’s rights or Female Genital Mutilation (FGM),” he wrote in an opinion piece sent to the Daily Observer.

‘’I later watched the video footage of that meeting you had with them where they initially tried to entice you into committing yourself to run for president against the APRC government in December 2016. Unless you were playing the sense of the dramatic, it appeared you declined the offer, although I could sense the oddity in your tolerance of the unorthodox language and spirit at which the meeting was conducted.”

He went further: ‘’Listening through your entire deliberation with nothing indicating your next life’s plan after the banning of FGM in The Gambia that obviously rendered your NGO useless and unsustainable, was a cardinal signal of your availability and willingness to be seduced into swallowing the bait of these crooks.

‘’If you had, that day, come up with a progressive follow-up programme on your anti-FGM promotion rather than slobbering over every derogatory statement uttered against President Jammeh and his government, the troublemakers would not have remotely conceive the idea of the suggestion.’’

In other words, Mr. Sarr added, Dr. Touray showed them her interest in going political and they pushed her into the arena with their seditious agenda and most likely packaged it with a promise to fund her from the chicken change they often collect to sponsor low-IQ Gambian politicians.

”We have witnessed them sponsor stubborn or reckless people straight to their graves or jail.  I will therefore emphasise that when you deviated from talking about the FGM campaign you are best known for, and sat there absorbing the same hateful garbage from these desperate agitators like a sponge in water, you also in essence opened yourself up for the difficult task,’’ he added.

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