Sateba United Fans Invade, Dismantle Lamin Playing Ground

Sateba United Fans Invade, Dismantle Lamin Playing Ground




Furious fans of Sateba United FC Tuesday invaded the Sanna Jatta’s football field in Lamin Village, causing mass destruction at the playing ground

united-fans-2The incident happened after the referee awarded maximum points to Kombo Kerewan for the unsporting behaviour of Sateba’s fans towards the match officials, resulting abandonment of the match at certain time of match proceeding.

The Lamin Sports Committee sat over the issue and later forfeited the points and gave it to Kombo Kerewan FC, leaving both the fans and players of Sateba United angry over the decision.

This issue led both the fans and some players of Sateba United to destroy the entire Lamin football playing ground on Tuesday night.

The Sateba United fans invaded the Lamin football pitch when Universal Academy FC was supposed to play with Medina United in the knockout semifinal tournament.

Explaining the issue in an exclusive interview with Observer Sports, the Secretary General of the Lamin committee, Modou Bah, said that the reason for Sateba fans doing this unruly act was because of the points that were forfeited from their team.

“We [as the committee] decided to give the points to Kombo Kerewan FC because a fan from Sateba United on the day of the match threw sand on the linesman claiming that the linesman was not fair to their team.”

He added: “When he threw sand on the linesman, the linesman in consultation with the central referee called-off the match for three minute just to regularise the issue,” he told these reporters.

by Binta Jammeh &

 Binta Bah