SaYCDA Summer Classes 2016 Underway

SaYCDA Summer Classes 2016 Underway



Saamasang Youth and Children Development Association (SaYCDA), the umbrella body responsible for the welfare of youths and children under the Saamasang Federation recently commenced a month-long summer classes for the five Community Associations (CA’s) in the Kombo Central District.

The move is part of their efforts to uphold grassroots education for the sponsored and enrolled kids from grade 4-6.

Omar Jawara, Chairperson, SaYCDA recalled that over the years, summer classes have always been an annual youth programme designed to create vibrant learning environment for school-going children within the district.

“The aim behind this programme is to complement the lessons learnt from their normal school days and also to keep them busy, so as to avert them from indulging in all sorts of awful company during their holiday period,’’ he said.

According to him, the targeted beneficiaries are the sponsored and enrolled children, within the five CA’s as well as Non-Members in the five intervention sites of the Saamasang Federation at voluntary basics as no payment of fees is attached.

“The current executive committees since assuming management have made a pledge to the members of Community Association’s that they would come up with programmes that are sustainable and meaningful in order to promote their welfares in their respective communities,’’ he stated.

He indicated that since any responsibility goes with authority, the committees would in no doubt work for the betterment of the people they are serving, noting that “we want to leave a legacy once we graduated from the helm of management as volunteers”.

“Equally, I also want to thank the CA’s for their usual cooperation and I am still urging them to take a leading role in making the 2016 event a success as we all yearn for better education for our young generation and development,’’ he noted.

Omar Darboe, the administrator of Kabafita/Jamisa study classes lauded the volunteers and parents for sending their kids to be part of the event, promising that they would continue to stand for the young people within the district.

Palesse Gomez, the Bafuloto CA study classes’ supervisor noted that there could be no important education and applicable one without promoting grassroots education for the younger generation, saying as volunteers they are very grateful to be associated with the event despite the fact that they have not received any fundings.

Shiekh Tijan Nyassi of Penyem described the event as timely, saying supporting “your own people to attain education is part of their social responsibility.”

by Hadang Daffeh