Seminar for Marketing & Public Relations Practitioners Ends

Seminar for Marketing & Public Relations Practitioners Ends




A two-week seminar for marketing and public relations practitioners drawn from various government institutions recently wrapped-up at the Management Development Institute (MDI).

Alhajie Sillah Conateh, Principal Management Trainer and Head of Business Studies Department at MDI, who doubles as course coordinator, said the objective of the seminar was to introduce participants to contemporary marketing management and public relations skills for effective marketing and public relations functions in their organisations. The seminar, he added was also meant to prepare the practitioners with the requisite  knowledge and skills to be able to deal with delicate marketing management and public relations problems, especially issues facing their organisations, as well as to enable them share practical experiences and networks with each other.

Conateh said during the training they covered wide range of topics; such as overview and importance of marketing for an organisation, marketing management philosophies, analysing the marketing environment, marketing research tools and techniques, segmenting consumer markets among others.

Alhajie Alieu K. Jarju Director General Management Development Institute, told participants that whatever they are doing at work places, homes and where they may find themselves, they should fear Allah the Almighty.  “Put Allah first in your activities then you will be comfortable in your life. No matter how depressed or stress you are, you should not do anything which is not allowed within your respective religions. Do not compare your success with anybody, our orientation will never be the same, so be what you are,” he advised.

Ousman Saidybah of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency Gambia, delivering the vote of thanks commended the Management Development Institute especially the course coordinator Sillah Conateh, for the initiative.

“We all know that capacity building is prerequisite and that it improves our performance in our day-to-day execution of our duties.”

Saidybah said the seminar has created a bond  among participating organisations, and that the network cannot be measured to money because the participants establish a link and will equally  be sharing ideas.

by Omar Wally