Sen De Gel Gives 4 Milling Machines to Kanifing Communities

Sen De Gel Gives 4 Milling Machines to Kanifing Communities



Sen De Gel, a Turkish NGO, which translates as support for improvement in social and economic living, on Thursday handed over four rice and coos milling machines to the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) meant for four needy communities in the Municipality. The beneficiary communities are Latrikunda, Tallinding, Manjai and Kololi.

sen-dcSpeaking at the ceremony, Alhaji Yankuba Colley, the Lord Mayor of Kanifing said they are grateful to have a partnership that is real, a partnership that they believe they can work with, noting that there is no better partner in that aspect than Sen De Gel.

Mayor Colley hailed what he described as the able partnership with Sen De Gel for making their dreams come true, urging the beneficiaries to make best use of the milling machines.

“I believe the people before me are more than willing to take care of this machines that we are about to hand over,” he stated. He urged them that the profits they would make through these machines should not be used for wedding and naming ceremonies but for the development of their communities.

Tuncay Bozkurt, Coordinator General of Sen De Gel in West Africa disclosed that one month ago, they applied to the Kanifing Municipal Council to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with them because they know, beside rural development urban development is also one of the main objectives of The Gambia Government.

“Just after signing the MoU, Sen De Gel offered four milling machines to KMC for four needy communities in their municipal area as a starting project. We are a very practical organisation and instead of talking too much, we prefer to work more. Because we have good supporters all around the world, they know very well when they give a fund to Sen De Gel, 100% of it will be spent for communities in less developed countries.”

He further informed that the fund for this milling machine project came from Coco Cola Foundation through the United Nations Development Programme. “There are so many companies which make so much money but unfortunately there are not so many companies like Coca Cola which is not only making money but also giving a big part of their profit to the needy people regularly all around the world,” he added.

Saja Sambou, Public Relations Officer and Manager-Coca Cola Foundation opined that Coca Cola Equatorial Africa Limited’s funding of this important project was a clear demonstration of its commitment to its corporate social responsibility.

He noted that women are the pillars of development, particularly in Africa. He said they should, therefore, be very much supported and empowered to do their own business for economic security, noting that when women are economically secured, the household is safe.

He said it is up to every one of them especially the women from various communities to make sure the machines are well maintained, noting that when they are well maintained they would help them today and in future.

Background of Sen De Gel

Sen De Gel is an international NGO based in Turkey, which has been operating in The Gambia for almost five years to implement sustainable development projects, especially for rural communities.

by Aji Fatou Faal-Sonko