Six New Supreme Court Judges Appointed

Six New Supreme Court Judges Appointed

As part of efforts to provide affordable, accessible and quality dispensation of justice to all regardless of our status in life, the President has appointed six new judges to the Supreme Court of The Gambia.

The Chief Justice of The Gambia, Emmanuel Fagbenle, confirmed this development to the Daily Observer and said it is in line with the on-going judicial improvement programmes geared towards achieving quick dispensation of justice in the country without delay, thus enhance sustainable development programmes of the Government of The Gambia under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Professor Jammeh.

The Chief Justice cited the appointment of the new judges of the Supreme Court as a great achievement for the legal system of the country as it will enable the highest appellate court of the country to hold its regular quarterly sessions, noting that one such session would be held before the end of this year.

He cited the importance of what he called sittings of the Supreme Court vested with jurisdiction of constitutional interpretation and other appellate jurisdiction hearing appeals from subordinate courts amongst others.

The latest development prompted the country’s Chief Justice to comment on the establishment of specialised courts across the seven administrative regions of the country with a view to reduce the cost of access to justice for all without delay.

According to the Chief Justice, the introduction of the specialised courts were meant to expand and broaden objectives of cited justice delivery services to all Gambians and non Gambians alike and they will sit on regular working hours from Mondays to Thursdays.

He said the specialised courts established across the country included the following; Children’s Court in Kanifing, Bundung and Brikama Magistrates’ Court, Anti-narcotic Court in Kanifing, Bundung, Brikama, Sibanor in the West Coast Region, Consumer Protection Court at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court, Industrial Tribunal Court in Kanifing, Bundung and Brikama Magistrates’ Court, Cadi Courts in Banjul, Kanifing, Bundung, Brikama and other regions of the country, Rent Tribunal in Kanifing and other courts.

The CJ further noted that the establishment of the specialised courts is part and parcel of the re-organisation of the judiciary and dispensation of justice in the country, noting that it’s opened for everyone to access without restriction. He did not hesitate to call on anyone dissatisfied with any proceedings or procedures of any specialised court to immediately contact the offices of the Judicial Secretary or the Chief Justice to lodge a complaint, which he added would enable the judiciary to address such issue or issues.

The Chief Justice renewed his office’s commitment to effective and efficient justice delivery in the country as per envisioned in various development blueprints of the country including Vision 2020 amongst others.

by Sanna Jawara