SLA Inspires Children to Unearth True Potentials

SLA Inspires Children to Unearth True Potentials




There is no gainsaying that youths are the future leaders of any society and as a result it is everyone’s business to ensure that they are given the opportunity to explore their inner selves and define their true calling and purpose in life.

SLA 2It is through this spirit that Sabally’s Leadership Academy (SLA), a youth-led group of young people coming together with a common goal to inspire and be inspired, held a three-day summer camp for 25 school-going children at Kerr Serign, Kombo North. The theme of the camp is:  “Inspire: Preparing Yourself for the Increasing Opportunities of a Dynamic New World”.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Friday, Momodou Sabally, the founder of the Academy, impressed by the aspiration of these children between the ages of six and sixteen, said he has seen a star in all of them, thus urging them to be positive about their dreams and to be bold to pursue their goals in spite of any challenges.

“You have to be patriotic, be positive thinkers; and wish the best for your country,” Sabally, a motivational speaker and prominent writer advised participants.

He recalled the time when students of his generation would only think of finishing high school and get employed and, therefore, urged the participants to strive to be happy to make best use of the opportunities existing in The Gambia and the world. He said God is kind by giving us the necessary ingredients to have a happy life but warned that we cannot fold our hands and think that He is going to provide all ours needs, noting that God has asked mankind to strive for good things.

“’In spite of its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful, strive to be happy’ is one of the most inspiring statements ever uttered. This quote from the Desiderata is rooted in the eternal truths of the scriptures of old. It captures the spirit of the opening words of every chapter of the Quran in “Bismillaahe Rahmaane Raheem”. These words reflect the teachings of love and hope brought to us by Jesus Christ, and they evoke the ethos of this Messiah’s statement in his sermons on the Mount: if thou can believe, all things are possible to him that believes,” added Sabally, the Director General of The Gambia Radio and Television Services and Managing Director of the Daily Observer.

“Therefore, the challenges we face in an evolving world wrought with tests are all windows of opportunities to create a better world by solving problems and trading those solutions in a market economy that never seizes to expand. All you need to do is to get yourself prepared to harness the ever expanding opportunities of a growing world economy that is increasingly being brought closer together by the forces of globalisation.”

SLA 1He added that the first step is to get an education as we are taught in the very first verse of the Holy Quran, “Iqra”. He stressed that in a world of ever increasing educational institutions and opportunities, their education should not be limited within the four walls of the classroom if they want to stand out and make their marks.

The first day of the camp was characterised by the introduction of the various participants and an interlude of music provided by the mellifluous voice of Barhama from the Kerr Gi Family Band.

On Saturday, the campers were also given motivational lessons and advice by prominent writer and historian, Hassoum Ceesay, as well as musicians Gibou Balla Gaye and Barhama. They also conducted a motivational walk on the Kololi beach.

by Baboucarr Camara