Sophia, Gambia’s Dancehall Diva Rocking the Scene

Sophia, Gambia’s Dancehall Diva Rocking the Scene



Her distinctive voice, captivating stage acts and vocal skills continue to earn her huge number of fans each time she takes to the stage. Born Sophia Byass, the singer-cum-songwriter is one of the few Gambian females who ventured into virtually a male-dominated dancehall domain.

Despite the stiff competition in the dancehall scene, Sophia was able to survive the heat and continues to blaze the scene like never before. This has enabled her to become a household name in the country’s music scene in recent years. Suffice it to say that she is among new breeds of Gambian artistes that continue to promote positivity thus promoting Gambian dancehall to the fore.

It was due to her strong passion for music that forced her to focus on it at a tender age. Having first started singing at the church in those days, she made a shift to the dancehall scene after realising her potential in that area.

Sophia in recent years sees herself as an inspiration in the music scene, taking into account her colleague females are relenting in the dancehall domain for different reasons.

She has collaborated with a number of Gambian artistes namely A2, Silky Criss and Royal Messenger etc.

The 22-year-old resident of Kanifing Estate was a teacher-turned musician. Having observed that music is one area that she can easily relay positive message into the hearts and minds of people, she immediately took a u-turn to follow her heart’s desire.

In 2013, she signed a five-year deal with the Pipeline based Record Label – Block Entertainment. Two years on in November last year to be precise, she launched her first-ever 13-track mixtape called ‘Revelation. This mixtape launching according to many, was one of the best ever launching parties held in Smiling Coast. The Revelation mixtape was one of her best creative artworks, and she considered the release as a perfect time for her to talk to her brothers and sisters through music. Her creative style and swift approach towards her music career is just outstanding.

Sophia during the last Open Mic Festival treated the crowd to a scintillating fanfare with her enthralling stage acts. Being her debut appearance and the only female artiste in last year’s OMF lineup is another great accomplishment for the young dancehall diva.

She treated the crowd to an amazing performance, free-styling her hit song called ‘Bad Mind’ blending with the popular Jamaican ‘Patois’, also known as Patwa or Patwah.

With plans to go internationally, the dancehall diva believes as a female artiste one has to stay focused and maintain respect.

“Dancehall as a whole is raw and one have to be really fierce and raw too. So my outfit makes people feel otherwise, but it’s the dancehall culture and I have to role by it.”

Beside numerous projects at hand in 2016, Sophia also plans to embark on a nationwide tour to enable her meet fans across the country.