Sotokoi YDA Holds Speech & Prize Award

Sotokoi YDA Holds Speech & Prize Award




Members of the Sotokoi Youth Development Association (YDA) in Sotokoi Village, Kombo East District recently held their first community-led speech and prize-giving ceremony at the community’s Basic Cycle School.

Prizes were awarded in the form of cash, stationery, uniforms and certificates to outstanding students in various disciplines including sports, environment, gardening, regularity and punctuality, among other things. One teacher was also awarded an outstanding teacher of the year award.

Speaking at the ceremony, the head teacher of Kafuta Lower Basic School, Lamin Jabang, who was the guest speaker, deliberated on the importance of education describing it as the lifeline of every nation. He cited students’ discipline, dedication, endurance and respect for teachers as paramount in the success of their education.

Jabang urged parents to always embrace education as the most valuable asset and called on them to be more proactive in monitoring their children.

Ensa Jammeh, head teacher of Sotokoi Basic Cycle School, challenged parents to take pivotal roles in complementing government and the teachers’ efforts in enhancing students’ performance and quality in education.

He commended the Sotokoi Youth Development Association for organising the event, saying that is a show of their commitment to the development of their community and the young ones.

Speaking on behalf of the Sotokoi Youth Development Association, the Public Relations Officer, Omar Faye, dilated on the concept and functions of the association, saying the event is one of the reasons they established the association.

Vice Chairperson of the association, Sheikh Hatab Tamba called on students to always make the best use of extra-curricular activities in school, saying that would expose them and give them confidence.

A medical practitioner, Tamba, used the opportunity to discuss with the participants on HIV AIDS and Education. He dilated on the disease modes of transmission and prevention and urged them to be courageous in confirming their HIV status through regular Voluntary Counseling and Testing.

He reiterated the need to protect the girl child from exposure to infection and urged parents to remain vigilant on the dress code of their daughters and to discourage them from material temptation like mobile phones.

Nuha Nyassi, initiator of the activity, revealed plans to conduct many more extra-curricular activities for the students, among them an excursion trip. He said through such activities, both parents and students would be inspired thus instituting a competitive learning atmosphere among students.

by Samba Jawo