Stakeholders Hail Launch of World Population Report

Stakeholders Hail Launch of World Population Report




The director of Population Affairs, Saikou Trawally, has stated that the launching of the State of the World Population Report is aimed at increasing awareness on global demographic scenarios and issues affecting their quest for a better world. He was speaking at the launching of the event held at Kairaba Beach Hotel on Wednesday.

“It is one of the major annual advocacy events in the population programme that calls for concerted efforts by all in addressing those issues affecting their livelihood,” he said.

Trawally thanked the UNFPA and other development partners for being very supportive in enabling The Gambia to make significant progress in addressing its developments priorities. “The launching calls for holistic approach in tracking the challenges faced by the 10-year-old girls and the approaches among other things should focus on changing the attitudes and actions of the society.”

Ade Mamonyane Lekoetje, the UN resident coordinator in The Gambia, said today’s ten-year-old girl will be twenty-four years of age when progress towards the new UN development agenda is tallied in 2030. “That agenda aims for inclusive, equitable and sustainable development that lives no one behind.”

She said for many ten-year-old girls, this pivotal age turns for new possibilities but unfortunately for majority of them mostly in developing countries, it’s time to face unending challenges which impedes them apart to a decent adulthood because of limited choices and opportunities.

Ebrima Njie, the deputy minister of Works, deputising the minister of Basic and Secondary Education said increase in population seems to face a great challenge to formations as it impacts on national resources for the provision of social services such as health and education. “The position of many societies around the world is that if nothing is done about the population growth, pollution, poverty and depriviation will increase and resources to improve our needs will continue to decline.”

The UNFPA chief of operations and head of office, Kunle Adenyi, said child marriage and other impediments will undermine girls’ prospect for job and self-sufficiency.

Zeynab Adewasi, from the Voice of the Young, said their journey from adolescent to adulthood starts now, adding that some of challenges they face include violence, and limited access to education.

by Omar Wally