Stakeholders Raise Concerns Over “Underdevelopment” in Gambian Wrestling

Stakeholders Raise Concerns Over “Underdevelopment” in Gambian Wrestling

 Stakeholders in the Gambia Wrestling Sports have raised concerns over what they called  the “underdevelopment” of wrestling in the country,  raising doubt about The Gambia Wrestling Federation’s commitment towards the development of wrestling .

stakeholders-raisethey said the federation’s non-holding of a congress  has left doubt in many of the stakeholders  about their commitment in wrestling development in the country.

They told the Observer Sports that one of the problem affecting Wrestling Sports in the Gambia is the lack of good administration as the present committee has been steering the affairs of wrestling in the country for over 4 years and eight months without calling for a congress.

Modou Faye, alias Cham from the Referee Managers Association said administration is one of the biggest problems in Gambia’s wrestling spor.

He said the Federation’s has constitution sanctioned  for congress to be held every 4 years and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) September 14th of every wrestling season. he said it has been four years and eight months already without a congress and an AGM.

According to him, the Federation has earlier cancelled their proposed AGM, saying they have now agreed to review and validate the constitution, which he said is agreed to be held on 26th November at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

“We, as stakeholders have been going to the National Sports Council (NSC) to raise our concerns about holding the congress  because it is now 4 years and eight months they don’t call for a congress,” Faye said.

One of the stakeholders vying for the presidency of the Gambia Wrestling Federation, Faye noted that their aim is to see wrestling sport develop in the Gambia  with or without him being elected, adding that wrestling is a sport that should be developed i because the Gambian leader himself is the number one fan and supporter of wrestling in the country.

According to him,  Gambia should be represented in the Olympics in wrestling as the former president, Matarr Jarjue always does.

He noted that the current underdevelopment of the country’s wrestling  is disturbing with determine, ambitions and talented wrestlers in the country who have the passion for the sport.

the discouraging factors in the country’s wrestling spotrs, faye said has caused the lives of good number of wrestlers in their frustrating ventures through the Mediterranean sea in an attempt to reach Europe and other countries in search for greener pastures. He said it has  also caused managers to quit the  popular sport.

For his part, Abdoulie Jobe, North Bank Region wrestling chairman said since the inauguration of his committee some years back, they did not see any development coming from the federation towards the region.

He added that the Wrestling Federation decentralized wrestling to all the regions but there is not support coming from them which, he said  is a cause for concern, adding that there is no guideline and empowerment coming from the wrestling federation.

“Right now, all the regions wrestling bodies are having the same concern because we know that the wrestling sport is not going as it used to be  which is not good for our passionate and talented youth,”  he said.

According to him, the present committee has drafted their own constitution that stated that congress and AGM would be held every four years but none of them is observed by them as their term ends.

by Arfang MS Camara