Stop the Unfounded Rumours

Stop the Unfounded Rumours

The Gambia belongs to all of us, therefore, we cannot be seen to propagate messages that has the potential to set us against each other and set ablaze the peaceful existence of a country that has earned, and rightly so, the name; the Smilling Coast of Africa.

It is, disheartening to say the least, that people are spreading false and malicious rumours over the internet of child kidnapping in the country. This, unfounded, yet disturbing news, has caused panic in the public and also affected the daily lives of our people. Even the attendant of our children at schools has dropped as a result of the malign rumours.

We would like to commend the Office of the Inspector General of Police for coming out to debunk these nasty rumours before it becomes uncontrollable.

Another point noting is the account of the Gambian people who have all attested to the fact that they haven’t witnessed it neither have they come across anyone who witnesses it. It seems all these allegations are based on hearsay.

As stated by the people themselves, these rumours are spread by opportunistic Gambians who want to take advantage of the situation by instilling fear in people for their selfish gains. Our advice to them is that The Gambia belongs to us all and we should instead pray for the peace that has made us the envy of the whole world to continue to prevail.

We should not instigate or propagate violence. Have we not seen what happens to those countries that were enjoying peace but took it for granted and now plunged into civil war as a result?

In a war they say there is no winner and instead everyone is a loser. Therefore, let us jealously safeguard our peace and propagate it rather than to incite the public against each other.