Suspected Police Impersonator Pleads for Court Bail

Suspected Police Impersonator Pleads for Court Bail




A man who is charged by police prosecutors on two counts has pleaded to the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court to consider granting him bail on health grounds.

Under trial before Principal Magistrate Hilary Abeke, Babucarr Makamo is facing charges for impersonating a public officer and attempting to commit a felony. He had denied the allegations.

The prosecution had objected to the granting of court bail to Makamo, arguing that he is facing trial on three different cases one of which is an attempted rape. The prosecution expressed fear that Makamo is likely to commit another offence if granted bail, which led to the magistrate’s denial of his application.

Makamo told the court that he was not fit to stand trial and further pleaded with the magistrate to grant him bail for him to seek proper medical care. He presented his medical prescription paper from the Prison Department to justify his claim.

After going through the medical paper, the presiding magistrate told Makamo that the prescriptions given to him (Multi vitamin, Paracetamol, etc) are meant to give him appetite to enable him eat more and to have the fitness to stand trial.

Magistrate Abeke announced that he would adjourn the case for hearing since Makamo said he was not feeling fine to stand trial. According to the magistrate, the statement before him with regards to Makamo showed that he (Makamo) was arrested in a uniform, which has no difference with that of the police uniform.

He said since the police said they are afraid of the accused, he has no choice but to remand him.

by Meita Touray