Taking Health Care to the People

Taking Health Care to the People


Days after the Jammeh Foundation for Peace Hospital in Bundung witnessed the inauguration of a new multi-functional complex at the facility, the people of the historic town of Janjangbureh also saw the inauguration of a newly built health centre and a staff quarter.

Janjangbureh by virtue of its size would naturally welcome the development. Like education, access to a proper healthcare delivery system is a sine qua non to any meaningful development. Regardless of location, no individual or group of people can undertake any gainful socio-economic endeavour, making universal access to health not only a necessity but a fundamental basic human right.

Cognisant of this reality, the recurring theme that continues to resonate at the commissioning of health facilities and other medical and health projects is that access to quality health services is one of the primary goals of the government. Part of this entails the expanding and upgrading of a number of health facilities in the country.

In the case of the island town of Janjangbureh, this new project comes with a brand new ambulance and a generator. The ambulance in particular may even prove more crucial by way of getting patients in critical conditions to a referral hospital like Bansang in a timely manner should the need arise.

Just as the new health facility comes as a cause for celebration for the community members especially the womenfolk on whose shoulders rest their own healthcare burden and that of their children, it is also likely to serve as huge morale booster for the personnel working at the centre. And giving that the issue of housing is nothing new in deterring some professionals from taking up jobs in provincial Gambia, it is safe to say that the new staff quarters will help minimise the sense of hesitation sometimes demonstrated by certain public servants after being posted to localities away from the metropolis.

President Jammeh’s insatiable desire to bring quality health care services closer to Gambian people is worthy of commendation and support. We urge the health officials manning the newly inaugurated facilities to take good care of them and give the greatest possible service in the interest of our common good.