Tendaba Camp: Host for Gambia Int’l Bird Watching Festival 2016

Tendaba Camp: Host for Gambia Int’l Bird Watching Festival 2016



Tendaba Camp, an eco-tourism camp established in the 70s situated in the heart of the countryside close to the country’s prime birding locations in the Lower River Region, is the official venue for the upcoming maiden edition of The Gambia International Bird Watching Festival slated for October 2016.

During his weeklong official tour of Tourism facilities across the country in December, 2015, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Benjamin A Roberts, said the Camp was identified for the festival  because of, among other things, its uniqueness in terms of the degree of integration and the support the lodge provides to the community.

Tendaba Camp is a tourist resort located at the edge of the River Gambia. It has a natural appeal rich in wildlife with a vantage view of the River Gambia.

During your stay at the Camp you will be exposed to a mix of both conventional and traditional ways of living, and this is due to the way in which their rooms are designed. The layout of the Camp and service on offer are all with African beat complemented by state-of-the-art facilities.

In addition, this camp which is almost 145 kilometers from the Greater Banjul Area, is one of the oldest camps in Destination Gambia. It started operation in 70s as a hunting lodge. But the camp now attracts mostly birdwatchers and naturalists. The camp is accessible by road or sailing the River Gambia.

It is a favorite place and a must-stop destination for tourists or anyone visiting up-country who wants to have a good excursion and experience River Gambia. At the camp, you can enjoy organised safaris too, especially bird watching. So birders, you have a beautiful and peaceful area to explore and you will be delighted for its scenery as there are over 550 bird species in Destination Gambia.

View from Tendaba Camp

The view from Tendaba Camp is absolutely breathtaking with mangroves in the undergrowth and there is a beautiful GSM antenna up the hills for easy network. On the shoreline you can see the village mosque and fish market. A stone’s throw from the camp, there is a boat rental service.

A rental boat can take you cross from Tendaba village to villages like Baddibou Salikeni, Baddibou Nokunda or Baddibou Kachang. The villagers go about their daily works and everyone lives like a family irrespective of their background.

As you are planning your holiday for this winter, Destination Gambia is the best place for you, as you can join birders and other holidaymakers to enjoy the warm and hospitality of the Gambian people.

Therefore, be part of this maiden edition of the festival, as it is a week of nature and bird watching that will feature a wide range of birding activities.

Just like in other events,  the festival will attract a number of professional bird watchers of all levels; from The Gambia, Europe and the world over, who will be ably supported by the well-known and respected local birders.

The Gambia International Festival 2016 main goal is to promote rural tourism development, as well as support the protection and conservation of birds and their habitats.

By Yunus Saliu