Thank You APRC France Chapter

Thank You APRC France Chapter


For any country to ensure meaningful and sustainable development, it requires collaborative efforts from its citizens based within and outside the country. There is a real partnership between The Gambia Government and its genuine citizens based in the Diaspora and this has been manifested by the Diaspora’s contribution to the socio-economic development of the country and vice versa.

This is the more reason it is gratifying to note that the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction’s (APRC) Chapter based in France and Europe, has decided to complement the efforts of the government by donating medical items to the Kanifing Municipal Council meant for the Serrekunda General Hospital located in the Municipality.

As rightly stated by the Mayor of the Municipality, the donation is a step in the right direction in the sense that its goes to show that the Diaspora Gambians are aware of their responsibilities in national development. It also goes to show that these patriotic and nationalist young Gambians are aware that they should be giving back to their country rather than asking from their country what it can do for them.

We would like to assure the donors that their efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of The Gambia, just like that of any other are highly appreciated at the corridors of power. This has been manifested by the recent National Awards conferred on 21 Diaspora Gambians by the leadership of the country during the July 22nd Awards Ceremony on Saturday.

Therefore, we urge the Diaspora Gambians to continue doing the good work because it takes sweat and toil to develop one’s country and this requires the collaboration of everyone.

To those that are yet to give back to a country that has given a lot, we implore on you to emulate the move made by the APRC France Chapter.