Thank You Mr. President

Thank You Mr. President


The Government of The Gambia has announced that in a bid to make livestock available, accessible and affordable to the public in the period leading to the Muslim feast of Tobaski, the President has approved to waive income tax, municipal council tax and levies on livestock dealers, among other supportive measures.

Others measure approved by His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa include: GPA ferry crossing fees of Livestock are reduced by 50%; Gambia Immigration Department will facilitate the free and smooth movement of visiting Livestock dealers; The Gambia Police Force will ensure maximum security at all points of sale of Livestock; The KMC has designated areas around the Independence Stadium, GTMI and the Kanifing Offices of SSHFC as points of sale for Livestock.

This is indeed welcome but hardly a surprise for anyone and it is coming on the back of the announcement that the Kanilai Group International is one again selling Tobaski rams between D4000 and D5000. Also, the President as usual has again sponsored nearly one hundred people to perform the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. We say one again Thank You Mr. President for coming to the aid of the Muslims by giving every household the hope to dare to dream.

To the livestock dealers across the country, especially those in the Greater Banjul Area, it has now become a responsibility on all of you to ensure that the efforts of the President and The Gambia Government are complimented. If the President is ready to go to an unprecedented length like this to help Gambian Muslims and non-Muslims, the least you could do is to make sure the prices of livestock are reasonable.

We also hope that Gambians would now make best use of the opportunity created to get their Tobaski rams on time rather than having to be involved in a last minute hassle.