The Benefits of Generosity

The Dalai Lama famously said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” The same is certainly true for generosity! Generosity — the quality of being kind and understanding, the willingness to give others things that have value — is often defined as an act of selflessness; however, studies are now showing that generosity is actually (selfishly) in your best interest.

The Huffington Post went further to note that practicing generosity is a mental health principle, and it could be the very key to a happy and healthy life. This is the case with the Gambian leader His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa.

In yesterday’s publication, we reported on how the President brought joy to Gambian and non-Gambian Muslims by providing for them the sacrificial rams at next to nothing and meat for those who couldn’t afford to buy the rams at a giveaway price.

As if that wasn’t enough, on today’s paper, we reported a story that Professor Jammeh has provided D10,000 each to the spouses and families of the pilgrims he personally sponsored to perform the fifth pillar of Islam, Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This year alone, the President has sent almost 100 Gambians to perform the Hajj and the many of those pilgrims were part of the people who couldn’t perform the Hajj last year despite the Presidential package. The President had compensated them with a financial package and on top of that, he sponsored their trips this year, making them double winners.

There is a popular saying that if you do good, the good comes back to you, and if you do bad, then bad comes back to you. This is equally very true of the President for the good things he does and continues to do in his life have always been coming back to him. This is why he has  and will always continue to prevail over all evil plots against him.

For those who are refusing to repent, well it is your choice to continue doing bad things, which will of course come back to haunt you, but one thing is certain, the President will never cease from doing good things and these good things, which will benefit him here and the Hereafter.


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