The Gambia Beach Championship 2016

The Gambia Beach Championship 2016

The 2016 Gambia International Boat Fishing Competition, organized by The Gambia Tourism Board has been described by partners as a resounding success. The competition fully sponsored by The Gambia Tourism Board, was supported by partners such as Green Mamba, Green Tech, Swiss Boutique Hotel, Swiss Tavern Beach Bar and Restaurant, Cottage Garden (Sanyang) and Russell Cryer.

the-gambia-beach-1The four-day event was full of fishing activities in different fishing spot across the Tourism Development Area. Three hundred and twenty-seven (327) sizeable fish species were caught by the anglers, who competed in the competition over the four-day period.

The competition was attended by both anglers from Europe and and local anglers. The local anglers are learning fast on the catching techniques and it is hope that in the future more locals will be encouraged to compete in this fast growing domain.

In this year event, the overall champion went to Nick Westgarth. He defended his title in 2015, while Martin Englefield and Richard Yates came second and third respectively.

the-gambia-beach-2The 2016 edition was amazing as there were several newcomers and they all competed successfully without any hitches. Among them was Kevin Davey and this is his first time but he managed to come out fourth, with heaviest single fish. He kindly dedicated his winnings to Build A School In Gambia, visit, which is a UK charity founded by Martin Englefield, one of the competitors and co-trustees of the school.

the-gambia-beach-4the-gambia-beach-3The initiative, which started three years ago continues to showcase amazing activities attracting Anglers from all over. The heaviest single fish trophy went to Martin Englefield with a stingray of 4.25kg, second place was a butterfish caught by Neil Martin with 2 minutes to go on the last day of fishing, weighing in at 4.12kg.  Chung Ho Shing caught a butterfish of 3.22kg to claim third place.

**Additional information from Fish The Gambia.