Turkey Celebrates 93rd Anniversary of Nationhood

Turkey Celebrates 93rd Anniversary of Nationhood




The 93rd anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey was celebrated on Friday at the Ocean Bay Hotel. On 29th October 1923, Turkey proclaimed the leadership of Gahzi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

The reception brought together foreign dignitaries, government officials and Turkish community in The Gambia.

Ergin Soner, the Turkish ambassador to The Gambia said after the glorious victory on 29th October in 1923, Turkish established the republic on the principal of sovereignty with the aim of raising the nation above the level of contemporary civilisation. “We consider our republic as an achievement of our 2200-year-old state tradition and one thousand years of Seljouq and Ottoman heritage attained under the difficult condition of those days.”

Ambassador Soner noted that Turkey with its growing economy, strong democracy, commitment to fundamental human values and principle and visionary foreign policy continues to be an inspiration to the region and the world. “The recent event that took place on July 15 2016 reaffirmed beyond the doubt how the Turkish nation is unified with its state.”

The outgoing Turkish ambassador said The Gambia is a true friend to Turkey in Africa, adding that the Gambian people are brothers and sisters of the Turkish nation. “The Gambia will very soon have a dual ambassador in Ankara.”

Hon. Macdouall-Gaye, Gambia’s minister of Foreign Affairs, said the day is meant to pay tribute to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the modern Turkish nation, for his visionary leadership, statesmanship and for being an icon whose legacy continues to inspire the evolution of modern Turkey. “Your commitment to modernisation and transformation is indeed remarkable.”

Foreign Minister Gaye noted that the political, economic, social and cultural transformation that Turkey has undergone over the last decades is equally a source of great inspiration for Gambia as a true friend  and ally with a shared vision of peaceful and multi-beneficial development.

by Omar Wally