Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C 2016

Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C 2016



“ For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the man who humbles himself will be exalted.”

The word of God this Sunday gives us food for thought and challenges our modern way of living which encourages us to excell in our giftedness; in a very  competitive world were we need to be the best in order to survive. This creates a society in which people scrambled for the places of honour. When a man’s identity depends on what he own or the position he occupies, then who is he without all that?

In the first reading from the book of Ecclesiasticus 3:17-20. 28-29, the Holy and wise sage advices his son to be gentle in carrying out his business, and he will be better loved than a lavish giver. He tell him that the greater you are, the more you should behave more humbly, and you will find favour with the Lord; for great though the power of the lord is, he accepts the homage of the humble. The Holy and wise sage gives he son good counsel. He knows too well how good men can be easily swayed from their path in pursuit of cheap popularity. He is also aware of how easily power gets into people’s heads and corrupts them.

The scriptures teach us that God favours the weak and the humble, he exalts the lowly and the haughty he knows from afar. There is no cure for the proud man’s malady, since an evil growth has taken root in him. The proud man often has an exaggerated self-image and is infatuated with his own ego. Scripture however, has shown us that great though the lord; he shows his power by his divine mercy.

The word of God tells us today of a God who is Almighty and on high yet stoops down to look on the lowly. In his goodness God will prepare a home for the poor. He is father of the orphan, defender of the widow, such is God in his Holy place. God gives the lonely a home to live in; he leads the prisoners forth into freedom.

In today’s readings the Psalmist gives us reason to trust in God who is a champion of the oppressed, he is on the side of the weak and oppressed. He is the God who pours down a generous rain when his people are starved and gives them new life. It was there that your people found a home, prepared in your goodness, O God for the poor.

In today’s Sunday Gospel, Jesus challenges our sensibilities with a radically new outlook. If this message was challenging in his time, it is even more relevant today. Jesus wants us to know that a man’s life is not made secure by what he possesses, even if he has more that what he needs. A man’s life is made secure and finds meaning through his loving relationship with his creator and his neighbours. That is why the scriptures say, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.

What really matters is our relationship with the supreme judge, before him we are all equal; the little nor less than the great. Through his Son, Jesus Christ we are all first born son, and citizen of heaven. The second reading from the letter to the Hebrews 12:18-19.22-24, reminds us that Jesus is the mediator, he brings a new covenant and a new dispensation.It is a new dispensation in which the overlooked in a society that scrambles for honour will find a home.

In the Gospel parable for this Sunday, Jesus gives us an idea about the kingdom he has come to proclaim. It is a kingdom in which the power of God is expressed through a  love that empowers and liberates people . He is teaching us about a love that goes beyond physical appearances and disguises of the blind, the crippled, the poor. His is a kind of power and love that calls people out of their imprisonment. His love dignifies people. He asks that our love does too. As our mediator he has come that we may have life and have it to the full. Jn10:10.