TYW Holds Inter-generational Dialogue on GBV

TYW Holds Inter-generational Dialogue on GBV




Think Young Women (TYW), a youth association in The Gambia on Thursday held a three-day trainingfor 50 participants comprising of  young girls and women.

The three-day synergy on the theme; ‘Inter-generational-dialogue, education and advocacy on Gender based violence for women’, was funded by the British Embassy Banjul Office.

This training was aim at closing the gap between the adults and young girls so as to create better understanding and culture of exchange and collaboration in an effort to protect girls and women.

Welcoming the gathering, Jama Jack, communication supervisor of TYW, disclosed that the organisation was established in 2011, but since inception it has managed to win the trust of many partners.

This according to her, was due to the endless participation in national development initiatives especially gender-based violence against women and girls.

She noted that the organisation is also engaged in radio talk shows, which has enable them attract many members into the join.

The Executive Director of TYW, Lamin Darboe, urged the trainees to participate fully to the expectation of their trainers.

Darboe also urged the association to extend their programmes to the provinces as the menace of Gender Base Violence  is mostly common in that area.

The association, he went on, should also include men and boys in the programme since they are the perpetrators of this problem.

In her keynote, Haddy Dandeh Njie Jabbi described the training as vital to the society owing it to the fact that the participants will serve as the mouthpiece of women and girls in their respective regions.

she said that mentorship programme will be conducted in schools within the Greater Banjul Area as part of  its 3rd mentorship programme.

She urged trainees to participate fully in the training and make best use of the sessions.

The British ambassador to The Gambia, Collin Crockin said the association should try and organise more programmes like this because violence against women and girls is rampant.

Violence he added, is not only physical but also mentally and emotionally.

by Binta Bah