Upper Nuimi Ecozone Committees Trained on Monitoring, Evaluation

Upper Nuimi Ecozone Committees Trained on Monitoring, Evaluation




The Agency for the Development of Women and Children (ADWAC) in partnership with ActionAid International The Gambia (AAITG), recently convened two-day training for Ecozone Committees from Albreda, Kerr Cherno and Jimbana Ecozone on monitoring and evaluation to enhance social accountability in the implementation of development projects.

The training was held at Juffureh Rest House in Upper Nuimi District, North Bank Region.

Omar Kanyi, Food Rights programme officer of Local Rights Programme 9, said building the capacity of committees would contribute to strengthening social relationships between duty bearers and right holders to ensure that beneficiaries monitor and evaluate development projects.

He called on Ecozone committees in the area to be proactive in transferring appropriate skills and knowledge that would contribute to the attainment of sustainable development.

Kanyi also challenged committees to promote information sharing and networking.

Haddy Sanneh, monitoring and evaluation manager at ActionAid International-The Gambia, underscored the importance the Agency attaches to strengthening the capacity of committees on participatory monitoring and evaluation. The move she noted, would contribute to enhancing effective involvement and participation on project implementation.

The training, she added would strengthen human rights based approach by ensuring that rights holders and duty bearers are held accountable.

Bakary Njie, chairperson of Albreda Ecozone, hailed AAITG and ADWAC for organising such an important training.

by Binta Jammeh