URR at It Again

URR at It Again


News that another woman had dumped her newborn baby in a toilet and that two teenagers also allegedly raped an underage girl in the Upper River Region is very sad and disturbing.

The Gambia is known for its peaceful coexistence and zero tolerance to violence but despite the efforts by the Gambian authorities this kind of heinous crimes remain unabated in this furthest region of the country.

Admittedly though, there has been remarkable improvement in terms of the reduction of the crime rate in the region in recent months. Since the last time when this same medium reported that a hunter died of his injuries after he was tied by armed robbers believed to have come from neighbouring Senegal, there hasn’t been any report of such crime until today.

The Gambian authorities’ swift response by dispatching a fact finding mission to the region could be attributed to this positive outcome. But with the latest incidents, it is our belief that community leaders and parents have a critical role to play in because in the issue of the alleged rape, the said crime was said to have been committed by teenagers who should still be under the direct supervision of their parents.

One way of addressing such issues is by engaging them in honest discussions where they would be taught about the real meaning of life and the serious repercussions of committing crimes. It is also very critical in the development of a child to be engaged by their parents to ensure that they are aware of the issues affecting them which could sometimes be psychological. But some parents are very lazy and careless and wouldn’t even bother to know the difficulties their children are going through.

It is our belief that when parents engage their children often to know their needs, this could go a long way in averting such heinous crimes committed by them.