Volunteerism of a First Lady

Volunteerism of a First Lady



Whatever we do, good or bad, we will all enjoin our fair share of praise and criticism, but good deeds are what almost every religion and culture values and rewards. Most will recognise our good deeds and would be ready to collaborate in any way they can, especially when that act of kindness is dear to our hearts and at the same time voluntary.

This is exactly the case with the First Lady of The Gambia whose commitment to her social responsibilities is never in doubt. She has from the onset been involved in voluntary activities dear to her heart but we have seen in the last few years that she has upped her efforts to an unprecedented level.

The voluntary services of this adorable woman haven’t gone unnoticed and have again earned her plaudits from the United States’ ambassador to The Gambia who yesterday paid her a courtesy call to congratulate her on these activities.

There will always be detractors but the First Lady would never relent in her efforts to bring joy to the people of The Gambia. We have reported extensively on her Operation Save the Children Foundation that exclusively paid all expenses incurred in the lifesaving heart surgeries of seven children, their escorts and nurses. We’ve also reported on her successful campaigns ending female genital mutilation and child marriage in the country.

The First Lady has gone further to initiate another project dubbed “Gambia is Green” which would be launched in Kanilai tomorrow in the form of farming activities. This latest initiative, meant to draw our attention to the importance of food self sufficiency, economic empowerment, environmental protection and poverty eradication, couldn’t have come at a better time, as we edge closer to securing food security.

These initiatives might be dear to the heart of the First Lady but we are the direct beneficiaries. Therefore, it has become a sacred duty upon us to support it. As we congratulate the First Lady for once again reaffirming her commitment to the welfare of Gambians, we hope every well-meaning Gambian will make it a date at the Land of Green – Foni Kanilai- this weekend.