Wales Imam Donates D100, 000 to Sheikh Mass Kah Mosque

Wales Imam Donates D100, 000 to Sheikh Mass Kah Mosque




The head Imam of Wales in the United Kingdom, Professor Sheikh Mahmud Sayeed recently donated one hundred thousand Dalasis to Sheikh Mass Kah Central Mosque in Old Jeshwang.

The donation was part of his contribution to the propagation of Islam and the money is particularly for the renovation of the said mosque.

walesAt the presentation, Professor Sheikh Mahmud Sayeed said the reason he choose The Gambia is because the country is one of the most peaceful Muslim countries in this part of Africa. “I also observe that most of the people in this country are Muslims and followers of Prophet Muhammed Peace Be upon Him (PUBH). So when I first visited the mosque, I felt that it needed a little bit expansion. The prophet Muhammed SAW said even a slight contribution towards building a mosque is a great reward,” he added.

He thus called on other Muslims to follow the teachings and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed SAW.

Muhammed Mass Sohna Kah, the Imam of the Mosque,  said when he first met with Professor Sheikh Mahmud Sayeed, he informed him about their main priority, which is to renovate and increase the capacity of the mosque so as to accommodate many worshippers. “I assured him that we will utilise the money well by expanding the mosque. I pray for Professor Sheikh Mahmud Sayeed’s long life, good health and prosperity as he invests his wealth in Islam,” he added.

Modou Lamin Bah, Secretary General of Export Unit Gambia Limited, said his institution was registered two months ago by UK partners, which Professor Sheikh Mahmud Sayeed is part of the board of directors.

“Fortunately, when he visited The Gambia two months ago he led one of the congregational prayers and he realised that something needed to be done for the development of the mosque. He discussed with us to see how best together we can help Sheikh Mass Kah Central Mosque and we all affirmed the proposal.”

Other speakers included Alagie Sekou Omar Ceesay, a nephew to the Imam of the mosque; and Eliman Relay, a member of the mosque. They both described Imam Sayeed as a great man who loves mankind.

The duo further acknowledged that the donor is a devoted Muslim who is committed to the propagation of Islam and he is always helping the people.

by Binta Jammeh