Wallidan Falls: From Grace to Grass

Wallidan Falls: From Grace to Grass

From grace to grass; this has been the story of the great Wallidan Football Club in recent times.

As one of the first and greatest league clubs established in the country, the recent performance of the Blues continues to leave much to be desired going by the team’s footballing record.

The relegation of the most decorated team back to the second tier of Gambian football, the second in three seasons, has sparked debate as to what has happened to the team.

While many players of the team are said to have embarked on the ‘backway’ to Europe in search for greener pastures, it is hoped that the team would recruit good players to regain promotion back to the First Division, where they rightfully belong.

Established in 1969 by Fisco Conateh, the team has produced so many talents that went on to represent the country at the international level.

Speaking in an Observer Sports interview following their relegation at the end of the season in May, Foday Bah the Head Coach hailed his players for what he described as a wonderful season and said they were just unlucky not to have maintained their status in the top flight.

Bah said they have identified their problems (at the time), which they would solve with the team’s management.

by Alieu Ceesay